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Where is Belarus?

So when was the last time you asked yourself exactly: where is Belarus? But you never had time to Google for the Belarus Map or official Belarus embassy website. What you should already know is that Belarus used to be in the USSR and that it is indeed a relatively new country. The capital of Belarus is the city of Minsk, of which you may have heard, watching the news or a history channel. By its official name the Republic of Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe, that has Russia for a neighbor in the North East, Ukraine to the South, Poland to its West and finally, Lithuania and Latvia in the northwestern part. This country has several other large cities apart from its capital city, such as Brest, Mogilev and Vitebsk. The manufacturing industry is pretty powerful in Belarus and if you take a look at the Belarus map on a detailed version, you'll see that the country is basically covered in forests, which makes it extremely popular with those seeking nature peace and wild spots. Agriculture is well developed in Belarus as well.

What you should also know is that in the past, the territories that are now part of Belarus used to belong to the Russian Empire, to the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth and also to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and to the Principality of Polotsk. After the Russian revolution, the territories became part of the USSR and later in 1939, after the invasion of the soviets in Poland, the final unification of the Belarus lands took place.

During the World War II, Belarus lost one third of its population and was devastated in many ways.

A founding member of the UN, along with the Soviet Union of which it was part at the time, Belarus is not a big country but an increasingly important one. Its name literally means White Russia.


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